Little Singers (Ages: 3-5 Years)

If your child loves to sing but is a little shy or is not quite ready for private lessons, the Little Singers group lesson may be the right fit. The owner of PCSM/LCFA, Eva Brandys, developed the curriculum, it is designed to introduce young children to fundamentals of singing. The Little Singers Class is a program in which children will sing solos, sing in a choir, learn fundamental musical concepts, use the microphone, and play musical games. Classes will have a variety of performance opportunities. The children will learn:

  • Beginning music theory
  • Eurhythmics
  • Become familiar with the piano (which is extremely important in the development of music knowledge/comprehension).


They will also learn many classic children’s songs, play musical games, learn rhythm through music, and get some exercise. This class is a great way to help overcome some shyness and help your child socialize with other children.

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*For membership pricing and class schedule call 214.613.2020;  email

*Books purchase required (one time) – yours to keep

*We offer ‘Little Singers Class’ at the Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts location or at student’s house!

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