Baby and Me Music (Ages: 6 – 24 Months)

By their very developmental nature, infants are sponges, taking in everything in their environment such as the building blocks of language, facial expressions, and coordination of their bodies as a whole. Understanding this fundamental part of child development, Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts began “Baby and Me Music” classes to help foster this development through the universal language of music. We also aim to make the classes a bonding experience for parent(s) and baby. In a class parents and babies learn rhymes, lullabies, floor and lap games, and action songs with instruments. It gives parents another form of communication with their infant and understanding fundamental part of their child development.

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We offer Baby Music & Me classes at the Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts location or at student’s house!


Baby & Toddler Music Classes

Welcome to Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts’s Baby and Toddler Music Classes!

At Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts, we understand the profound impact that music and creative expression can have on the development of babies and toddlers. Our specially designed classes cater to the unique needs and interests of your little ones, providing them with a nurturing environment to explore the world of music and art. Whether you’re searching for “music classes for toddlers,” “mommy and me classes near me,” or “baby music classes near me,” you’ve come to the right place.

**Our Baby and Toddler Music Classes Offer:**

**1. Music Classes for Toddlers:** Our music classes are thoughtfully crafted to engage your toddler’s senses and spark their love for music. Through age-appropriate instruments and playful activities, we introduce them to the joys of melody and rhythm.

**2. Mommy and Me Classes Near Me:** We understand the importance of bonding moments between parents and their babies. Our “Mommy and Me” classes provide a wonderful opportunity for parents and caregivers to connect with their little ones through the magic of music and movement.

**3. Baby Music Classes Near Me:** If you’ve been searching for “baby music classes near me,” our program offers a warm and welcoming space where infants can experience the soothing and stimulating effects of music, all while bonding with you.

**4. Art Classes for Toddlers:** In addition to music, our classes incorporate creative arts to encourage your child’s sensory and motor skills. We believe in fostering well-rounded development through artistic expression.

**5. Kinder Music Classes:** Our “Kinder Music Classes” lay the foundation for a lifelong love of music. We focus on building essential musical skills and nurturing a deep appreciation for melodies and rhythms.

**6. Toddler Music Lessons:** For older toddlers, our toddler music lessons provide structured and comprehensive musical education. These lessons aim to develop their musical abilities and encourage self-expression through music.

**7. Baby Music and Me:** Our “Baby Music and Me” sessions are a perfect opportunity for parents and babies to bond while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of music together. It’s a special time to create lasting memories.

**8. Toddler Voice Classes:** If you have a budding young vocalist, our toddler voice classes offer a fun and engaging way for them to explore their vocal abilities in a supportive and encouraging environment.

At Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts we believe that early exposure to music and the arts can inspire a lifelong passion for creativity and self-expression. Join us on this harmonious journey as we nurture your child’s musical talents and foster their love for the arts. Contact us today to enroll in our Baby and Toddler Music Classes and create beautiful melodies and memories together.

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